The Master Water Alliance Series

The Master Water Alliance Series space saving technology combines two separate water treatment solutions in one.  The Alliance Series offers treatment solutions for corrosion, chlorine, taste, odor and other impurities through filtration in addition to softening your water.

How it Works

Depending on your water filtration needs to combat corrosion, chlorine or iron laden water, Alliance has different unit designs to remove or neutralize impurities. NS, TS and FES Models each combine filtration (upper tank) and softening (lower tank).

Corrosion Control / Filtration Unit – Upper Tank

Water passes through the upper tank stage where water contaminants and/or corrosion are treated. The complete filtration process includes media and a media support bed system to neutralize or remove unpleasant tastes and odors, and filter precipitated contaminants.

Water Softening Unit – Lower Tank

Water passes through the lower tank stage where the hardness and ferrous iron are removed. The complete softening process includes cation softening resin that softens water, and a turbulator that efficiently moves and stirs the resin.

MP-CLR-NS Models

• Recommended if your water is causing blue/green stains, pipe pitting, appliance corrosion and mineral deposits.  Top stage of unit corrects corrosive pH with NS mix/calcite media and the bottom stage softens the water.

MP-CLR-TS Models:

• Recommended for chlorine, musty, earthy tastes and mineral deposits.  Top stage of unit removes chlorine and moldy/musty taste with activated carbon and the bottom stage softens the water.

MP-CLR-FES Models:

• Recommended for iron, manganese and mineral deposits.  Top stage of unit removes iron with catalytic media and bottom stage softens the water (pH must be 7.0 or greater).

Specialty Models:

• Special application units also available for the reduction of uranium, tannin, nitrate and dealkalization.  Product include separate chambers of cation and anion resin.

Master CLR Alliance Series Brochure
Master CLR Alliance Series Application Guide

Alliance Series Features

• Electronic meter with fully programmable cycle times, calendar override, and precise salt settings, resulting in salt and water savings
• Smart valve technology
• Vortech® smart tank technology (in upper tank)
• Turbulator to extend mineral life (in lower tank)
• Factory support for the life of the unit
• Factory-programmed with complete operational parameters.
• Fully programmable, easy-to-set, cycle times
• Historical performance and diagnostic data at your fingertips
• Battery-free time and date retention up to 8 hours during loss of power.

Alliance Series Benefits

Space saving – the combination of water filtration and water softening are built into one space saving system
Water saving – a single regeneration cycle for two technologies uses less water to flush out the accumulated contaminants
Money saving – annual maintenance for one unit vs. two / lower up front cost
Easy to use – easy to program and reprogram if water conditions change
Reliable – high quality systems are manufactured in the USA