The Master Fusion Series and Ozone Technology

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent that is a highly reactive and unstable form of oxygen. Oxygen occurs naturally as O2 in the atmosphere and is very stable.  Oxygen is also present in the form of ozone or O3 and is created through powerful atmospheric forces like lightning.  Due to its molecular composition, it is very unstable and breaks down into the more stable form of O2.  The third oxygen atom in ozone is weakly bonded to the other two oxygen atoms.  This means that the third oxygen atom will aggressively react with oxidizable substances the ozone comes into contact with (i.e. ferrous iron and bacteria).  In the water treatment industry, ozone is an excellent oxidizing agent and disinfectant. Ozone is a chemical free disinfection tool that is 1.5 times stronger than chlorine.

Master Fusion Series

The Master Fusion Series is an excellent tool for multiple applications. Ozone generators of the past were large and high maintenance systems. Our Fusion series uses a compact fusion generator that utilizes pulse modulated corona discharge. Low current, high voltage electrical discharges are used to split oxygen molecules into single or "free oxygen" atoms that then combine with O2 molecules to form the ozone, O3, molecule. Ozone is then drawn into the top of the tank as a safe and effective oxidizing tool.


Typical air injection systems often lead to bio fouling of internal components from iron or sulfur reducing bacteria (shown above).

The Master Fusion series provides a number of advantages over typical air or chemical injection options:

  1. Chemical free treatment options.
  2. Heterotrophic bacteria reduction (i.e. iron/sulfate bacteria reduction).
  3. Single tank aeration system that is cost effective and uses less floor space.
  4. Low maintenance.
  5. Disinfection of internal components that helps to prevent fouling of media and other internal parts.

Master Fusion Series Brochure
Master Fusion Series Application Guide

The Master Fusion Series has multiple applications:

  • FUSIONC (Catalytic Carbon)
    • Primary use is for sulfur and general taste/odor reduction
    • Secondary function is iron reduction
  • FUSIONG (Greensand Plus)
    • Primary use is for iron and turbidity reduction
    • Secondary function is sulfur reduction
  • FUSIONM (Multi-Media Blend)
    • Primary use is for heavy turbidity loading and high ferric iron reduction
    • Secondary function is ferrous iron and sulfur reduction
  • FUSIONS (Simplus)
    • Primary use is for sulfur and turbidity reduction
    • Secondary function is iron reduction

For more information on our Master Fusion units and applications, click here.