WOW RO- Adding Additional Storage When More Water Is Needed

When More Water is Needed


There are many reasons why additional storage is required. If the system is installed in houses with larger families, cooking needs alone may warrant more storage. If the family fills their water bottles exceeding 1½ gallons at the same time, additional storage will be required. In addition, devices with larger storage capacities like coolers will require greater draw down needs. Draw down refers to amount of water that is released when opening up the faucet and emptying the tank from start to finish (single pull). A standard WOW RO System holds 1½ gallons. The WOW RO System has been designed in a modular format to add additional storage tanks as needed. Re-view the chart below for each device connected. Add all additional tanks needed from right hand column to determine complete storage needs.  The following document is also available in the WOW RO Installation and User Manual, Section 3, pages 24-26.  The contents of this post can be found in a PDF at the bottom of the page.

Check Device Manual for actual reservoir capacity

Adding extra storage tanks:

  1. Open the RO faucet and drain off at least a couple cups of water to release pressure on the internal bladder.
  2. Wait until you hear the pressure release from the drain line.
  3. Turn off the Feed Valve.
  4. Remove the ¼” plugs from the SQ (Squeeze) and PW (Tank, Product Water) ports by pushing in the white collet to release.
  5. Connect ¼” yellow tubing between the matching SQ ports on the WOW RO System manifold and the spare tank adapter connected to the spare tank (See Figure 9 below for one or multi-ple tank set-ups).
  6. Connect ¼” green tubing between the matching PW ports on the manifold and the adapter (See Figure 9 below for one or multiple tank set-ups).
  7. After connections are completed, turn on the Primary Shut-Off Valve and open the faucet. You will hear a combination of air and water eliminated from system. Leave it open until a solid stream of water dispenses.
  8. Close the faucet.
  9. In less than a minute, the CPU Valve will activate and the system will resume making water with a noticeable exhaust of air and water down the drain.
  10. To expel all of the air from the newly added tank, it may be necessary to draw water from the faucet several times.

The connections needed to add multiple storage tanks to an existing WOW RO unit.

When More Water is Needed